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Krishnendu Mohan Thakur, known by his literary name Gunjan Shree is an MCA graduate, born into a family of scholars on January 4, 1993, and hails from the heart of Mithila: Madhubani, Bihar. His journey into the literary realm commenced as a sub-editor for a Maithili Magazine, gradually establishing himself as a prolific writer and journalist. His repertoire spans thousands of poems, numerous stories and articles on literary criticism, earning him recognition as one of the foremost writers of his generation. Deeply committed to rejuvenating his mother tongue Maithili, Gunjan co-founded the monthly literary gathering “Sahityik Chaupadi” in Patna, Bihar, in 2015. This platform provides aspiring writers with guidance and support to flourish in the world of literature. Additionally, Gunjan has lent his editorial expertise to notable magazines such as Kramshah, Sahityik Chaupadi, Desil Bayana, Sakhi-Bahinpa and many others.

Gunjan’s impact transcends literature; as a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore- a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice President of the USA, he has mentored young climate leaders and spearheaded initiatives as the curator of the Patna Hub of the Global Shapers Community. His leadership has been recognized on numerous occasions, including his representation of the Patna hub at the Annual Meeting of Curators in the United Nations and World Economic Forum, Geneva in the year 2022.
Acknowledged for his contribution to literature, Gunjan is a recipient of the prestigious PM YUVA Author of India for his groundbreaking work on the role of Dalits in the Indian Independence Movement.

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Who is Gunjan Shree?


Gunjan Shree has been honoured with the prestigious PM YUVA Author for his remarkable contribution to literature with his book “Bhartiya Swatantrata Sangram Mein Mithila Ke Dalit Samaj Ka Yogdan” (The Contribution of the Dalit Community of Mithila in the Indian Independence Movement).

Gunjan’s book delves into the often-overlooked narrative of the Dalit community in Mithila and their significant role in India’s struggle for independence. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, he sheds light on the invaluable contributions made by Dalit individuals during this pivotal period of history.

The PM Yuva Author recognizes outstanding young authors who have demonstrated exceptional talent and insight through their literary works. Gunjan’s accomplishment stands as a testament to his dedication to storytelling and his commitment to amplifying marginalized voices.

In addition to receiving this esteemed accolade, Gunjan Shree had the privilege of meeting Her Excellency, the President of India, Smt. Draupadi Murmu, to discuss his book and its significance in the context of Indian history and social justice.

Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad - Yuva Purashkar

Gunjan Shree, has been honoured with the prestigious Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad – Yuva Purashkar for his outstanding contributions to the field of literature.

Gunjan with his unparalleled dedication and literary prowess, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of literature. His works resonate with profound insights, captivating narratives, and a deep understanding of human experiences. Through his writing, Gunjan has not only enriched the literary heritage but has also inspired countless individuals.

The Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad – Yuva Purashkar stands as a testament to Gunjan’s exceptional talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. This esteemed award recognizes his significant impact on literature and his commitment to advancing the cultural discourse.

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He has been keynote speaker at various events and covered vivid range of topics related to life, Career planning, Goal Setting & Time management etc.

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He has motivated and guided thousands of students in 15+ colleges with his motivational speeches

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Serial Entrepreneur

A4G Media

A4G Media is a expertise pioneering digital and print media solutions, as well as producing captivating film and TV content DD and other famous platforms.

CMJ Chandamama

A FMCG Brand currently manufacturing Sattu, Besan, Roasted Chana, Cookies, Noodles, Pasta, Biscuits, Namkins, Pickles & Mixtures.

Readycoder Private Limited

A platform providing all round services related to digital appearance like website development, business solutions,marketing strategy and others.

Navarambh Prakashan

A platform providing all round services related to book, magazine and other publishing items.

Gunjan Shree is a dynamic entrepreneur with a portfolio spanning multiple industries. At the helm of many start-ups, he revolutionizes excellent management by providing comprehensive solutions. Whether it’s connecting the market with the business or facilitating start-up gatherings, her platform ensures seamless execution.

Additionally, working with CMJ Chandamama signifies his foray into the FMCG sector. Under this brand, he produces a range of essentials like Sattu, Besan, Pickles, and Mixtures, catering to diverse consumer needs with quality products.

Not stopping there, he started working in media with A4G Media, where he was a pioneer in promoting Maithili culture through news, serials and films. This venture not only fills a gap in media representation but also fosters cultural appreciation and awareness.

Through his diverse working experience, Gunjan demonstrates entrepreneurial versatility and a commitment to excellence in each sector he ventures into. Her endeavours not only contribute to economic growth but also enrich cultural landscapes, making him a notable figure in both business and community development.

Innovation knows no bounds; it’s not just about ideas, but about the courage to turn them into reality

Global Shaper

Gunjan Shree’s visionary leadership extends beyond entrepreneurship; as a proud member of the Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum, he collaborates with young leaders worldwide to drive positive change and foster innovation for a better tomorrow. His commitment to global engagement and sustainable development exemplifies his dedication to shaping a brighter future for generations to come.


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